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Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Plant

Shree Water Tech provides Water Treatment Compounds for use in various industry verticals all around the world. Using a high usage rate in commercial, industrial and municipal requirements, these substances improve the production speed, optimize performance and reduce equipment maintenance expenditures.

Our extensive range of Water Treatment Chemicals find their usage in applications like Water Boilers, Cooling Water Systems, Cooling Towers & Closed Systems, Wastewater Treatment, Effluent Treatment Plants, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Paper Industry, Chemical Industry and many others.
• STP Microbial Culture and Odor Repellent
• Cooling Tower Water Treatment
• RO Treatment
• Sodium Hypo Chloride
• Swiming Pool and Water body Chemicals

We have gained great accolade against the other competitors available in the market just because of our delivered chemicals. We offers Washing soda, Caustic soda flakes, caustic soda lye, Sodium hypo chlorite, Tcca 90, Poly aluminium chloride, Alum powder, Sodium chloride, Chlroine dyoxide, Sodium Metabisulfite, Hydrogen peroxide.

Water treatment methods use a few basic procedures to purify water and make it consumable for people. The processes include cooling water treatment, boiler treatment, wastewater effluent treatment, and water purification. Each of these methods involves the use of certain chemicals to remove impurities from water, which refer to water treatment chemicals. Water treatment procedures remove various substances, like bacteria, viruses, suspended solids, fungi, algae, and other minerals.

Common Chemicals Used in Water Treatment The water treatment process uses the following water treatment chemicals-
  • • Chlorine and chlorine dioxide
  • • Algicide
  • • Muriatic acid
  • • Sodium bicarbonate or soda ash
  • Other than the mentioned chemicals, industries use many other chemicals depending on a particular stage of water purification.

    Applications of Chemicals in Water Treatment
  • To Kill Microorganisms
  • Water treatment plants add chemical disinfectants to kill all sorts of microorganisms. These are viruses, bacteria, or parasites
  • To Assure Water Safety
  • Chemical treatment done at reputed organizations involves the application of low-level chemical disinfectant while leaving the treatment plant. Hence, water treatment chemicals retain water safety while it enters homes and commercial units.
  • To Kill Germs in Pipes
  • Disinfectants used during water treatment may kill germs present in various water pipes and the tap.
  • To Adjust pH Levels in Water
  • Water treatment plants adjust pH levels in water and add fluoride once the disinfection phase ends. Adjusting pH levels may improve taste, and reduce pipe breakdown or corrosion.

    What type of Water Treatment Chemicals do we offer?

    Our experts offer an extensive range of water disinfectants to use in many industrial applications. These include water boilers, cooling towers, cooling water systems, wastewater treatment, effluent treatment plants, and many more.

    We have gained great accolade against the other competitors available in the market just because of our delivered chemicals. We offers Washing soda ,Caustic soda flakes, caustic soda lye, Sodium hypo chlorite, Tcca 90, Poly aluminium chloride, Alum powder,Sodium chloride, Chlroine dyoxide,Sodium Metabisulfite, Hydrozen peroxide.

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