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Sewage is a resource that can be recycled for various uses like gardening, and toilet flushing

The government is focusing on waste management through centralized sewage treatment plants and by mandating large upcoming real estate projects and industries to have their own treatment facility. Faced with the alarming fact that most of the sewage generated goes untreated, with its negative impact on human health.

Shree Water Tech offers Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant as well as conventional plants for the requirement of the customers and based on the capacity. The Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are specially designed and manufactured for the treatment of lesser quantities of sewage water.

Shree Water Tech offers Sewage Treatment Plant to Housing Apartments, Corporate offices, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Universities and all kinds of Industries with treatment flow starts from 2KLD using following technologies

- Membrane Bioreactor Technology (MBR)
- Moving Bed Bioreactor Process
- Extended Aeration with Activated Sludge process (ASP)


Sewage contains inorganic and organic wastes, because of which its treatment becomes essential before the sewage enters a water body. If you leave the sewage untreated, it causes contamination of water bodies. Luckily, a sewage treatment plant prevents the problem by treating sewage efficiently before it goes into any water source.

Features of Sewage Treatment Plant

Installation of an STP conserves water and produces energy to promote self-sustainability. Sewage treatment plant recycles sewage waste to prevent many environmental hazards. In this way, it promotes environmental health.

Types of STP

On-site System

In this system, the plant treats sewage close to the site, where sewage forms. A few examples include septic tanks, on-site sewage facility, and similar others.

Centralized System

A few sewage treatment companies use a network of pump stations and pipes to collect and transport sewage to the municipal treatment plant. Here, the process refers to a centralized system.

Applications of Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage treated from a Sewage Treatment Plant ensures the safe disposal of sewage for domestic applications and agricultural uses. The detailed study of applications is as follows-

Cleaning and Other Domestic Applications

Every project accommodates many people, which makes treated water reusable for flushing toilets, cleaning floors, and related domestic applications.

Water Treatment for Drinking Water

In some cases, the water undergoes further treatment to meet the necessary standards of drinking water. Indeed, the water becomes useful for drinking purposes. Hence, the township is enough to meet water requirements based on sewage treatment.

Energy Production

The sludge collected at the time of sewage treatment is useful for the production of energy.

Increase in Crop Yields

Sewage treatment plant treats sludges by following the lagoon method to form natural biodegradable fertilizers for yielding crops in the garden.

What type of Solutions does Our Shree Water Tech Offer

Our engineers at Shree Water Tech use sewage as a resource to recycle it for meeting several applications. A few common uses include toilet flushing, gardening, and cooling towers.

Shree Water Tech offers Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant as well as conventional plants for the requirement of the customers and based on the capacity. The Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants are specially designed and manufactured for the treatment of lesser quantities of sewage water.

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A sewage treatment plant, often referred to as an STP, is a facility designed to treat and purify sewage and wastewater from residential, commercial, and industrial sources. The primary goal of an STP is to remove contaminants, solids, and harmful microorganisms from sewage, rendering it safe for disposal into the environment or, in some cases, for reuse. The process involves multiple stages, including screening, primary and secondary treatment, disinfection, and sometimes tertiary treatment, all aimed at reducing environmental pollution and protecting public health. STPs are critical for maintaining clean waterways and safeguarding public health by effectively managing and treating sewage.

In Pune, finding the best sewage treatment plant manufacturers and suppliers is essential for efficient wastewater management. Several reputable companies in the area offer top-notch sewage treatment solutions, delivering cutting-edge technology, customized systems, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Whether you need sewage treatment systems for residential, commercial, or industrial use, these industry leaders are your go-to choice. By partnering with the best manufacturers and suppliers in Pune, you ensure the effective treatment of sewage, promoting clean waterways, environmental sustainability, and compliance with regulations.

A Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) operates through a multi-stage process to treat and purify sewage and wastewater. It begins with screening to remove large debris and solids, followed by primary treatment involving sedimentation to separate organic and inorganic materials. The secondary treatment employs biological processes that use microorganisms to break down organic contaminants. Disinfection with methods like chlorination or UV irradiation eliminates pathogens, making the water safe. Tertiary treatment may further purify the water if necessary. The treated sewage can then be safely discharged into the environment or reused, contributing to cleaner waterways and responsible wastewater management.

Selecting Shree Water Tech for your sewage treatment plant needs is a smart choice. With their wealth of expertise, tailor-made systems, advanced technology, unwavering quality standards, responsive customer support, and competitive pricing, Shree Water Tech ensures a comprehensive solution for sewage treatment. Bid farewell to sewage concerns and embrace environmentally responsible and compliant sewage treatment by partnering with Shree Water Tech.

A sewage treatment plant undergoes several key steps to purify wastewater. The process typically involves screening to remove large debris, primary treatment with sedimentation to separate solids, secondary treatment utilizing biological processes to break down organic pollutants, disinfection to remove pathogens, and sometimes tertiary treatment for additional purification. These stages collectively ensure that sewage is treated, cleaned, and made safe for either environmentally responsible disposal or reuse, making sewage treatment plants vital for preserving water quality and public health.

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